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Windsor Spitfire Zack Kassian spared criminal record as assault charges are dropped

by Sarah Sacheli, The Windsor Star

WINDSOR, Ont. -- Windsor Spitfire Zack Kassian no longer has to worry about a criminal record thwarting his hockey career — assault charges against him were dropped in court Wednesday. The charge, related to bar fight in downtown Windsor, was withdrawn by the Crown through a negotiated deal, referred to in the courts as “diversion.”

Farewell to the Firm

by Ellen Van Wageningen

Through their office doors have walked kings of government, captains of industry, outlaws of the sporting world and average working stiffs aspiring to right a wrong. When they play the game of law, under the same roof for 15 years but never in tandem, the stakes tend to be high and the arena bathed in a bright spotlight: Tainted water victims in Walkerton; train crash survivors in Thamesville; disgruntled shareholders in the failed Bre-X Minerals Ltd.; heart patients with defective pacemakers; and hepatitis C sufferers seeking compensation from the federal and provincial governments for tainted blood.

Ducharme and Strosberg Splitting Up

by Ron Stang

WINDSOR - Two leading southwestern Ontario lawyers, who've established something of national reputations and have worked together in the same firm for 15 years, will be going their separate ways by the end of the year. Litigator Harvey Strosberg will remain where he is at Sutts Strosberg. But Pat Ducharme, known best for his criminal work, will be taking a group of lawyers to a new practice known as Ducharme Fox. With him will be Mary Fox, a leading family law lawyer. The split is amicable but reflects the fact that the firm has effectively been operating as two entities for some time.

Excellence in Advocacy

The work of a criminal law defence lawyer is both challenging and complicated. To achieve success for you, a criminal law defence specialist must possess a deep understanding of criminal law and a reputation for skill and courage in the courtroom. For over twenty years, Patrick Ducharme has been providing effective, informed, creative, and successful legal representation to his clients in a wide range of difficult and high profile cases.

Will Carter live again?

by Michael McKiernan, Law Times

The Carter defence could make a return in impaired driving cases after a Windsor, Ont., judge declared legislation that eliminated the so-called two-beer defence to be unconstitutional. Ontario Court Justice Guy DeMarco found amendments to the Criminal Code that took effect in July 2008 were “over broad” and violated s. 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteeing the right to make full answer and defence in the case of Dale Towle.

New York Jets linebacker Jamaal Westerman beats Brampton breathalyzer charge

Written by Peter Small at thestar.com

New York Jets linebacker Jamaal Westerman has been acquitted of refusing to give a breath sample after a Brampton judge said he could not determine he deliberately flubbed the test. The 26-year-old New Jersey man testified he tried to provide a sample but was unsuccessful, and was unable to explain why, noted provincial court Justice Bruce Duncan. “He did not claim to have any health issues,” Duncan said, in his recent written decision. “There is no explanation as to why he could not provide a sample. From his occupation it can be assumed that he was in excellent condition, with superior lung capacity.”

Windsor's Ed Ducharme appointed to Ontario's highest court

by Craig Pearson

For a former English professor who never intended to practice law, Windsor’s Edward Ducharme sure has made a mark in the justice system. Ducharme, 68, only entered law in his mid-40s yet he was just appointed a judge on the highest court in the province: The Ontario Court of Appeal. “When I was doing my doctoral work, I became interested in a theoretical problem,” said Ducharme, who holds a BA and MA in English, a PhD in English and education and a law degree. “Where is the meaning of a text? Where is the meaning of Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

Windsor police informant not guilty of drug trafficking

Craig Pearson

A long-time Windsor police informant who said he was buying drugs for cops when he was arrested on two counts of trafficking cocaine was found not guilty Wednesday in a ruling that questioned the credibility of some Windsor police officers.